Sunday, November 25, 2007

POPCAST E03, Stalls pt. I

On this fantastic PopCast, I disscuss the art of stalling. Stalls are one of yo-yoing's newer moves and involves stalling the yo-yo as it returns back to your hand.

In this episode I give the talented Josheph Harris a two handed stall challenge and one week to see what he can come up with it.

My special co-host this week is the infamous Boxthor. Unfortunately, this episode had to be slightly edited due to the length of Joseph's segment.



Anonymous slotsurfer said...

Cool pop cast is boxthor your Teller to your Penn Gilette. Because I only saw him say good by at the end. Or my hearing is just going in my old age.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous oldyoyoguy said...

Boxthoris interruptis.

Another great Popcast, guys!

3:03 PM  
Anonymous redgrape said...

i have to say a couple of things. first off love the flow of this pop cast. the way you edited out what Boxthor was freakin hilarious! i love the ending blurb as well.

and though it seems elementary to bring it up im curious to see those stalls applied to 3a. i dont loop much so that may be why i find that application more possible... wait i dont 3a either... shit!

awesome episode!!!

5:39 PM  

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