Saturday, November 10, 2007

Master of Self Promotions

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I've finally gotten around to uploading the entire yo-yo segment from Master Of Champions. It was a huge file and took some work, but I've uploaded it to and a few other online video places.

I've also taken the liberty of uploading the entire Master Of Champions show and just the edited Doc Pop interview. You can download them here.

Full Master of Champions 784 megs (the best quality I have)
Yo-yo Segment 24 megs
Doc Pop Interview 13 megs

iPhone ready
Full Master of Champions 308 megs
Yo-yo Segment 86 megs

Full Master of Champions 353 megs
Yo-yo Segment 99 megs

If anyone feels like creating a torrent of the Full quicktime file, let me know and I'll host the link here.


Blogger Daniel_BMS said...

Do you have episode 5 of Master Of Champions?

2:55 PM  

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