Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 16: The Super Tournament Repro

If you walk around town and yo-yo, you've probably been stopped by someone and told about "the good old days" of yo-yoing. We all hear the same old stories about how the "Yo-Yo Man" would come to town and do a show in front of the corner store. Afterwards the demonstrator would carve his name onto yo-yos for the kids in attendance, often adding images like a palm tree on an island to supposedly represent the Philippines (most of the early demonstrators were Filipino).

So it's no surprise that when Duncan released their wooden yo-yo reproductions 9 years ago, Steve Brown and Chris Neff re-instituted the tradition of yo-yo carving Duncan pros.

Neff gave me a carved Duncan Super Tournament during his first tour for Duncan. At the time, he basically lived out of a camper van for months at a time. It's funny that while the early demonstrators were carving images of far away oceanic scenes, Chris was carving his camper van.

The blue "Doc Pop" Super Tournament was a gift from the awesome Tom Cunningham (aka oldyoyoguy). Awe inspiring, isn't it?



Anonymous Tom Cunningham said...

Haha, thanks for the kind words Doc, but note that your image on the yo-yo is after one done earlier by Whip, who can also carve a mean yo-yo (he did Mongu on one of mine!).

3:42 PM  

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